OnGo® Energy Spray delivers an ENERGY BOOST to KEEP YOU GOING when you need it the most! Unleash your confidence & drive from within and CONQUER YOUR DAY with OnGo.

OnGo Energy - MAX Strength

    Innovative, patent-pending energy spray condenses an energy drink sized boost in THREE oral sprays.


    One serving (three sprays) contains 75mg of caffeine + plus Vitamins B3, B6B12Taurine, and L-Arginine. No Sugar!


    An alternative to bulky, single-use energy drinks (No refrigeration needed!). Each OnGo bottle holds a 2 WEEKS SUPPLY of energy! (20 servings). Always ready, anytime.


    Compact & portable to support your on-the-go (OnGo, get it?) lifestyle. Keep it nearby at the gym, on the road, at work – Anywhere!


Using only GRAS ingredients & produced in a FDA / NSF Certified lab, OnGO’s patent pending formula took over 1.5 years & 60+ iterations to perfect - Powered by 3 sources of natural caffeine, 3 B complex vitaminstaurine, & l-arginine

Our founder, AJ, is a former elite Table Tennis athlete and the chairman of USOC's anti-doping panel. Inspired by his experiences as an athleteentrepreneur, & father, he conquered his goal to create the most efficient energy supplement on the planet - combining safety, efficacy, and convenience!



"OnGo Energy Spray is changing the game. It helps me keep a sustained energy boost throughout my day so I can transition easily across all my activities, from being an athlete to a dad and everything else I have to do!

Chris Mazdzer was the first U.S. men's singles luge medalist ever. His silver medal in Men's Single Luge at the 2018 Sochi Olympics was also the first medal ever for a non-European in history.

The 3-time Olympian used OnGo Energy Spray as part of his training regimen ahead of his historic 2018 achievements.



Whether you fight fires at work, push your body past its limit, or are a super hero at home, fatigue is always just around the corner. Read how our TEAM ONGO members used OnGo to conquer their day.

I've used a variety of energy products over the years: drinks, pre workouts, performance enhancers. This one worked and provided an energy boost without overdoing it (like 'Dark Matter'). I've largely moved away from the drinks and pre workout sectors of energy products, and decided to try this one since it didn't have a lot of the negatives that traditional energy products have. The zero sugar part was appealing as well. Definitely worked as advertised, is much easier to take and store than most energy products, and has virtually no negatives in the side effects column. Thanks for the alternative!

Ongo's awesome. I'm an entrepreneur and work
through the day, and play poker late at night, sometimes until 3 or
4am. I keep a bottle of Ongo with me so I don't have to stop and buy an energy drink each time, and it works incredibly fast for me. Especially driving back at night, I don't want to fall asleep behind the wheel.

My energy is generally very good and, I'm very selective about what I put in my body. That being said, when I heard about ONGO I was intrigued and, after reading the ingredients, totally open to giving it a try. I took it in the evening when I had back to back events. I felt alert, never felt jittery and had no problem falling asleep that night. If you presently use energy products or, have been looking for one, I would definitely give ONGO a go!

Perfect for the late night. I work late hours and often get tired behind the wheel. I bought this a month ago and the bottle has lastest me a really long time. The taste isn’t great but it’s definitely worth the convenience of not having to stop to buy each time. I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a quick boost on the go

’ve been using this little spray for a pre-workout boost and I have to say I think it will be a permanent addition to my gym bag. I love that I can decide how much to use, depending on how I’m feeling on any given day. I was also happy to remember my new energy buddy when I was working on a grad school project late night and didn’t want to wake the house trying to make coffee. I will be ordering again

This stuff is amazing! I am into health and watch what I put into my body. When I read the ingredients, I knew that this was a product I could use. 
After just a few sprays I felt great! My energy was back and I was off to the races. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a way to get a quick boost!


OnGo delivers more convenience, portability, & value - with less packaging waste - than typical energy drinks. One bottle of OnGo contains a 2-week supply with 20 servings - Always ready, anytime you need an energy boost!


“I had a retail business and young kids,”. “I wouldn’t sleep well at all, and it would take me a long time to get out of bed", says Founder of ONGO Ashoo Jain.

He thus came up with OnGo Energy Spray, a caffeinated energy spray that can, effectively supplement all other forms of caffeine intake throughout your day.


We understand you’re a savvy consumer, so try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back – no questions asked! 


Our energy blend is prepared and bottled at an FDA-registered facility right here in the United States with ingredients of international sources.


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