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Meet the world's most efficient energy boost. OnGo is an always-ready, ultra-portable oral spray delivering the impact of typical energy drinks with just three sprays.

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silver medalist, 3-time Olympian

Chris Mazdzer

"OnGo is the most exciting and effective way to get energy. It works and I feel it in minutes."

Chris is a historic medal winner for the US and a 3-time Olympian in  Luge.  He's also a recent star of "Dancing with the Stars" (2018).  Chris finds OnGo to work exceptionally well for him during training.

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Spray in Seconds

Go For Hours

OnGo Energy Max provides up to five hours of energy when you need it most. Anytime. Anywhere. Up to three times a day.



Just 3 sprays of OnGo Energy MAX delivers a powerful blend of energy containing 75mg of caffeine.  The result is a boost similar to an energy drink that works in minutes.

Made for People

On The Go

With twenty servings in every bottle and no refrigeration needed, OnGo Energy Max was designed to work with any lifestyle. Keep it in your pocket, bag, drawer, or glove box. Energy, when you need it.

No Crashes

Just the Lift

We use a small amount of Taurine to regulate feelings of energy, while avoiding sugar entirely. The result is a powerful, smooth energy boost for the lift you need — without any crash.