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That's why our ingredient list for OnGo Energy Spray is short, simple, and transparent.

We're extremely proud of formulating our product in the USA. It took over 16 months and over 60 revisions to perfect our energy blend, what we consider to be the "most efficient energy supplement" on the market. Chris Mazder tested our formulas during R&D while training for the 2018 Olympic Games - and won a historic Individual Medal for the United States!

Best of all, our product is "guilt-free," meaning it is sugar-free, calorie-free, and made with natural caffeine. Users that tested our product stated that there are no jitters nor the crash associated with many of the alternative energy supplements.  

75mg of caffeine per serving is considered moderate, similar to a small energy drink or a small coffee. We encourage limiting your daily caffeine intake.

* Illustration of supplement fact panel. Not intended to replace product label and supplement fact panel.

Three Sources of Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is a reliable, effective tool to boost energy & increase mental focus. When consumed, it signals to the body to release adrenaline, which increases energy, while boosting the effects of serotonin & dopamine, which can improve cognitive performance, mood, an alertness.

Caffeine occurs naturally in several different plants. OnGo's energy blend extracts caffeine from three different sources: Coffee Bean, Green Tea, & Guarana Seed.

Coffee Bean Extract

The coffee plant originated in Ethiopia, but the earliest evidence of consumption appeared in 15th century Yemen. Now, over 45% of the world's supply is exported out of South America. Coffee bean extract is created from unroasted coffee beans.

Green Tea Extract

Derived from leaves & buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, which have not been withered or oxidized like black teas. Originating in ancient China, Green tea is now consumed all around the world as a popular source of caffeine.

Guarana Seed Extract

Containing 2x the amount of caffeine than coffee beans, the seed of the Paullinia cupana plant has long been used by indigenous Brazilian cultures as a reliable energy boost. It still remains as the most popular source of caffeine in South America.

Three B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for cell metabolism. The human body would not be able to convert food into energy without key B vitamins triggering the metabolic process. Many food sources contain all (8 total) or several different types of B vitamins, which work together to maintain health & energy levels.


Also known as Niacin, vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient for all humans and is naturally found in food sources like tuna, turkey, pork. Many packaged foods, like breakfast cereals & whole grain flours, are fortified with Niacin because Niacin deficiency can cause nausea, anemia, or tiredness. B3 plays a very important role in the human body to boost brain function and to metabolize fat, glucose, & alcohol.


B6 has many additional benefits for the human body other than just supporting metabolism. It has been known to enhance blood vessels, improve the appearance of skin, detoxify the liver, & allow the kidneys to function properly. B6 can be found naturally in turkey, pork, pistachios, & potatoes.


An essential nutrient for humans that cannot be naturally produced by the body. B12 plays a critical role in red blood cell growth, bone health, and preventing brain atrophy in old age. Foods with high B12 content include clams, beef liver, mackerel, & B12 fortified packaged foods.


An amino acid that the body converts into nitric oxide. L-Arginine is known to improve blood flow in arteries.


Naturally produced in your body to help regulate energy. Taurine is a common ingredient in many energy drinks.

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