OnGo launching on Amazon - limited time coupon

OnGo launching on Amazon - limited time coupon

October 15, 2018

Create the “world’s most efficient energy supplement.” 

Over a year ago I went on a mission to achieve this lofty goal, because I personally hated the fact you have to stop to purchase, refrigerate, or wait for energy drinks to work.  I wanted a solution that was instantly available, on demand, and allow me to use exactly as much as I needed.

I’m proud to announce, that after 60 formula iterations, we’ve achieved this!!! I want to introduce the world to OnGo Energy MAX.  Just 3 sprays of OnGo MAX is similar to an 8.4oz energy drink, and pocket-sized bottle contains a two week supply, or the equivalent of 18 Red Bulls!  Just Spray, Swallow, Energize!  Never before has there been an energy supplement so portable, quick, and effective. 

The use cases already have already been incredible, from competitive cyclists breaking their personal records to Olympians using it in the middle of their workouts.  OnGo doesn’t have the carbonated liquids, high amounts of sugars, or even the overloaded caffeine content.  It’s simply made with Natural Caffeine, Vitamins B3, B6, B12, and Taurine.  It’s energy – guilt free.  Best of all, you don’t need to stop what you’re doing – you can take OnGo anytime, anywhere, whether you’re training, driving, gaming, or chasing your kids around the house like I do.    

Next steps are to get our product ranked and reviewed on Amazon.   So I’d like to share an amazing coupon with you that will get you 50% off and Free Shipping (good only for 7 days,) but you have to follow some steps:

  • In Amazon’s search box, enter “Ongo Energy.”
  • Select the product and click on “See all buying options”
  • Add item to cart from OnGo Sprays (this is us, the only seller)
  • Proceed to check out and look for “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes”
  • Enter Code 50ZLDWWX (For 50% off and free shipping!)
  • Complete your purchase!

Remember, one bottle of OnGo has 20 servings, or about 18 of 8.4oz energy drinks. It’s designed to be almost 50% cheaper than the alternatives, while saving you the hassles. 

OnGo packs the highest concentration of caffeine of any product in the world, which is what makes it effective - - but does carry a strong taste.  So don’t take it if you’re sensitive to caffeine and don’t combine it with other caffeinated sources. 

I’d love to hear your feedback as we bring this product to market.  And I’d especially love to hear how Ongo has helped you through your day!